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Frequently Asked Questions / Battery Cage

What's a Battery Cage?

A Battery Cage is a device that's used to contain an animal before it's slaughtered either for food or research purposes. Back in the early 90's, when the band was more overt in it's political stance, this was an obvious and relevant choice for a name, since both Tyler and Jeremy are vegan and opposed to animal research.

Why does it take so long for you to make a record?

The band feels that presenting their work in the most professional way possible is always best. Consequently, there are several factors that go into making an album, like rehearsals, booking time in the right facilities for recording, hardware and software upgrades of equipment and a million other things. Unlike a lot of other bands, they set the bar extremely high, and if they can't reach the bar, there's nothing to make public. To paraphrase Bryan Adams, everything Battery Cage does, they do it for you...

Where can I get the lyrics to the songs?

Lyrics are best experienced by listening to songs over and over and deciphering them on your own, don't you think? The newest album "A Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak" features the lyrics printed in the booklet. Lyrics for "Product" are generally not available, and the lyrics for "World Wide Wasteland" are available only upon special request. Honestly though, it's not as though there's a mile of distortion to wade through on any Battery Cage song, so if you listen enough, you'll hear all the words in their proper order.

Why can't I find "Product" or "Ecstasy" in record stores?

These were both self-released by the band, which generally means that they're unavailable through any outlets other than the bands own website. The "Ecstasy" single in particular sold out in 2006, and "Product" was a re-issue that the band released shortly before their US tour in 2005. It's expected to sell out completely before 2007 is even halfway over.

Where can I find your records? Do stores in my area have them, or should I stick to online sales?

Our releases on Metropolis should be available through all major record stores, like Virgin, HMV, etc. But you might get a better deal on them if you buy them through the Metropolis Mail-Order website. Our self released material (like "Product") is available through the Metropolis Mail Order site, as well as our own online store.

Who's in the current lineup?

The current lineup is Tyler Newman, Joshua Greco, Roland Adams, and Paul Savio. This is the core lineup from 2003 through the present.

Whatever happened to the original members of the band?

Jeremy Page currently works at Cybersound Studios in Boston and continues to make crazy awesome music. AJ Kaelin has since disappeared and has had no contact with the band or anyone we know in many, many years.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Currently we use a variety of hardware and software to make music, here's a short list of favorites: MOTU Digital Performer, Apple Computers, BC Rich guitars, Marshall amplifiers, Access Virus synthesizers, Roland V-Drums, Native Instruments Komplete, Cakewalk Sonar. Remember, it's not about the gear you have, it's all in how you use it.