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Frequently Asked Questions / Touring & Shows

Why don't you do more shows?

Right now, the band is split between the East coast (Boston, MA) and the West coast (San Francisco, CA). Obviously that makes rehearsals a bit of a tough schedule. Once we're millionaires and have our own private jet, this will no longer be a problem. Until that time, the band basically schedules national tours and spends time rehearsing in the weeks leading up to their tour dates. When the band isn't touring, they're usually looking for hardware upgrades that will allow them to bring the best possible live show on the road. Or recording music, whichever comes first...

How does a promoter / press person / major label / groupie get in touch with Battery Cage?

A simple email to info@batterycage.com should suffice. Please state the publication / club / major label that you represent, and any other pertinent information. If you're in the "groupie" category, state the above, including the city you live in, and please include a photo!