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Frequently Asked Questions / Website

What is up with those "behind the scenes" videos?

We are funny, funny people, and it seems there's always a video camera or two on the road. The behind the scenes and tour videos are a basic look at who we are and what we do when we're touring. Hopefully on the next tour we can bring a videographer along to document the actual performances a little better.

Why are your newsletters / LJ update / Myspace bulletins so sporadic?

We try to keep our mailings from being annoying to the people recieving them, and generally only send emails when there's something worth mentioning, rather than for every little thing we do. We get annoyed when people do that to us, so we prefer to take the high road and wait until there's a lot of useful information for people to sink their teeth into before blasting our news channels.

I am one of your friends on Myspace / PureVolume / VampireFreaks / Mindviz / Youtube...if I send you a message, will you respond?

The band always welcomes emails or messages from people who are interested in their music. However, simple time constraints mean that the band is forced to employ a third party who manages those accounts and the bulk of any messages. That said, any message beyond "luv yr music, it is totally rad, will u b my friend?1!.? lolz" is generally forwarded to the band to reply to.

Which one of y'all posts up on tha SideLine forumz?

Tyler generally handles forums. The rest of the band disavows any responsibility for any impudent comment he might make regarding music or anything else, for that matter.

Why don't you guys ever comment on my LiveJournal?

It's safe to say that the band is probably reading your LJ if you're in our friends list. However, unless there is something specifically band related, there is no need for any of them to comment on your daily posting(s). Both Roland and Paul maintain their own personal LiveJournals, so you could always friend them individually. Meanwhile all members of the band actively post on the main Battery Cage LJ, which accounts for the occasionally schizophrenic nature of their posting...