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Boston Electro 101

Boston Electro 101

Released: 1996

Below is the original press release from SINless Records for the Boston Elektro 101 Compilation.

Boston Elektro 101 is the world's first introduction to New England's industrial scene, and the world may never be the same. Featuring nearly 74 minutes of rare, exclusive, and unreleased tracks of hard-hitting dance music, BE101 combines a wide variety of sounds and styles from both well-known artists and well-kept secrets.

From the opening onslaught of Out Out (Metropolis) to the final ringing chords of Data-Bank-A (Subway), BE101 displays the great range and depth of the electronic artists that call the Massachusetts Bay area home. Veterans of the industrial club scene will recognize the international sonic legacy of Zia (FCR) and SLEEP CHAMBER (Funfundvierzig). Institute of Technology and D.D.T. display the driving beats which so quickly earned them a devout following. All new tracks from the interrelated informätik, din_fiv (Metropolis/SINless), and Struktur (SINless) enhance the CD greatly. Pleasant surprises abound in the first-ever releases from the intricate Murderous Race, techno-thrashers Battery Cage, and elektro-warriors Sector 7G. One-man bands disko:chaos, Grenadier, and Mercymore carry on the dedication to electronics, taking it to new and uncharted territories.

Never before has an industrial compilation offered so much from such a small area. More than any label sampler and rookie showcase disc combined, Boston Elektro 101 ups the ante and sets a new standard for musical compilations of any genre.

Artist Track Time
1. Out Out Duchess Deception 4:25
2. Sector 7G Needle Whore (live version) 4:41
3. Mercymore Penetrate Me 5:01
4. Struktur Terra 5:12
5. Battery Cage Disengage 5:01
6. Institute of Technology Miserable (Post-Mortem Mix) 5:51
7. D.D.T. Future 5:30
8. Murderous Race Negra 6:14
9. Grenadier Redemption (v. alpha) 4:05
10. Zia Agribusiness 3:40
11. din_fiv Clear... 4:26
12. disko:chaos Tentacles Rebirth 4:21
13. informätik Nameless 4:33
14. SLEEP CHAMBER Dreams Never Kum True 4:20
15. Data-Bank-A Nuclear Winter 5:50