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Resist the Command 2

Resist the Command 2

Released: 2001

The credits appearing in the liner notes for Resist the Command 2.

Battery Cage - Statemachine [Infinite Terror Mix]
Battery Cage: Tyler Newman, Joshua Greco, Michael White
Recorded and produced @ OFFworld 2.0, Boston
Production Assistance by Da5id Din
C+P 2001 Battery Cage [BMI]

Look to the past to see the future - always question authority!!

Disc 1

Construggle TestPollution Revolution
Absurd MindsFree From Cares (Habitual Excess Mix)
GASRConspiracy (Complicity Mix By Din_Fiv)
SnogThe Universe (Social Space Mix By Negative Format)
HeadscanOrbit Shift (Pioneers)
ZederClear Skies
CycloonNew Patterns (Edit)
CymotecWhen Ya Get Drafted
Battery CageStatemachine (Infinite Terror Mix By Battery Cage)
BuropolitikBuro Of Politiks (Gazodrome Mix By Digital Blood)

Disc 2

Electro Synthetic RebellionResist (Counterstroke Mix By E.S.R.)
Project-XHumanity (Mensch An Der Tankstelle Mix By Cymotec)
ChiasmChosen Fate
Massiv In MenschOffensivshock (Rector Scanner-Mix By Agro)
InjuryNew World Order
Flesh FieldAllegiance (Blind Pride Mix By Flesh Field)
ZederUnder New Management
ShardFall Of The Two Towers (Instrumental Edit)