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Resist the Command

Resist the Command

Released: 1999

Here is the credit information and essay which appeared accompanying our track "Caged".

Lyrics and Music by Battery Cage
Tyler Newman, Jeremy Page, AJ Kaelin

Recorded 1997 @ Cybersound Studios Boston MA
Engineered by Perry Geyer - Mastered by Da5id Din @ Corrosive Audio Thanks to: Perry and Cybersound Crew, Josh, Da5id, Cat, Kevin @ Dystopian Records, everyone who's helped us - you are not forgotten!

Caged Essay by Tyler Newman 12/06/99

have you ever been strapped down against your will, unable to move? unable to scream? have you ever experienced a chemical burn? have you ever experienced shock therapy? have you ever been unable to close your eyes against a blinding light?

no, probably not. at least, if you're human.

open your eyes. look around. listen. everywhere you look if you pay attention you see the effects of genecide. it's in your food. it's in your clothes. it's in your prescription drugs. it's in your hair care products.

you don't need me to rattle off a bunch of statistics. you know i'm telling the truth as much as you probably hate to admit it. you know it everytime you sit down to your nice steak dinner. you know it everytime you put on those fashionable leather shoes. you know it everytime you wash your hair, everytime you wash your clothes, everytime you take your medication for whatever problem you think you might have, or at least whatever problem your doctor is telling you you might have.

you will probably never find yourself strapped to a table, unable to move or speak, while overhead bodies, outlined by bright white light, do unspeakable things to your flesh. you will probably never experience the singular sensation of your flesh being slowly scraped off, and being covered in household cleaning products, producing burns surpassing any pain you've ever before experienced. and you will probably never have to stand around, packed against other bodies, pressed against the bars of your cage, waiting, without food or water, for your chance to be executed.

you have the easy choice. you are the consumer. it is unlikely that you will ever be the consumed. it is your responsibility, however, to make the choice: you can act responsibly and fairly, change the way you impact the situation by making informed decisions about what to eat, what to buy and what to wear, or...

you can be the hand that holds the knife. be the hands that strap the subject to the table. be the one that pulls the switch that sends conveyor belts into motion, slaughtering innocent lives.

you have to be the one to change. you are the only one who can make the decision. you can do all the research and see that i'm being honest. you don't need me to tell you what choice is there to be made, we're all adults here, and i'm pretty sure you understand where this conversation is heading.

i hope you make the right choice.

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