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Released: 1998 and 2005

The long deleted debut album finally sees the light of day with this reissue. Originally intended for release in 1998, this album has been completely reworked and remastered for 2005! An aggressive blend of harsh vocals, distorted synths, and powerful breakbeats, ''Product'' draws upon influences such as Numb and Lassigue Bendhaus to deliver a powerhouse album that sounds as relevant today as it did in 1998. Released on Solidgreysky. Limited edition.

Product was our first full-length release, back in 1998. It appeared on SINless Records just before the labels untimely demise. A good document of where we were at the time, with a different lineup and a radically different sound. Below are the credits that appeared in the CD liner notes and some samples of the tracks.

  1. Sworn
  2. Disengage
  3. Gone Postal
  4. Blunt Force Trauma
  5. Penalized
  6. Static
  7. Caged
  8. Finished
  9. Replicant
  10. Epidemic
  11. Blunt Force Trauma (Informatik Remix)
  12. Killfile


Battery Cage is Tyler Newman/AJ Kaelin/Jeremy Page/Josh Greco.

Programming on all songs by Battery Cage.

All tracks programmed at Digital Aggression Studio/Offworld Studio.

All tracks recorded at Cybersound Studio, Boston MA, except:

Killfile-recorded at Digital Aggression Studio. Sworn-recorded at The Emergency Room, Boston MA. Blunt Force Trauma (Informatik Mindlock Mix) reconfigured at The Emergency Room, Boston MA. Blunt Force Trauma (Informatik Mindlock Mix) provided by Informatik courtesy of Metropolis Records.

All post production and mastering performed by Da5id Din and Tyler Newman at The Emergency Room, Boston MA, on a Macintosh Quadra 950 and the Digidesign Pro tools 4 system.

Engineering and production on all tracks by Battery Cage and Joshua Greco except where noted.

Additional production on Sworn by Da5id Din.

Engineering and production on Caged by Perry Geyer.

Guest vocal on Penalized provided by Alex Pean.

All of the Product recordings were performed in the analog domain, therefore some imperfections such as tape hiss may exist.