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Mechanized Division

Violent Entity - "Cryogen" AKA "Cold as Ice (Cryogenmix by Battery Cage)"

This was a track that began life as dark electro, that we mutated into some pulsing trance/EBM. Unfortunately, there was some type of mix-up with the cover art, and our remix version is listed as "Cryogen". The actual name of the song is "Cold as Ice (Cryogenmix by Battery Cage)". This one is designed for European dancefloors...

Inter Breeding IV

Injury - "New World Order (Shiva the Destroyer Remix)"

One of two compilation appearances on this record, the Injury remix basically took the original EBM track and deconstructed it into pounding gothic metal. This remix was an experiment with some new software and plugin effects, and ended up turning out very nicely, with lots of distorted vocals and guitars! We named this one 'Shiva The Destroyer Mix' in honor of the conditions under which this one was created...

Spreading The Infection

Prospero - "Let The Planet Burn (Collaboration with Battery Cage)"

This was an interesting collaborative project. Prospero approached me about adding some vocals to a song he had been working on. After checking it out, I thought it might be more interesting to add some basslines and melody parts to the song. The end result sounds like contemporary European noise/EBM and came out really great! This track was released on the latest Prospero record, as well as appearing on the Interbreeding IV compilation.

Cause & Effect

Solitary Experiments - "Watching Over You (Battery Cage Remix)"

This is a noisy reworking of Watching Over You, where we explored some new equipment and techniques. Overall this track shows a new direction for our remixes, and sounds a lot different from the cleaner and more organized sounds of our regular Battery Cage sound. We completed this around the same time as the remix we did for Terrorfakt, so there are similar elements of danceable rhythmic noise in each. Of particular interest is the variety of sectional elements. Dennis from Solitary Experiments said "I like it a lot. You did a great job, man! It is indeed something that might appeal to a European audience a bit more!! I like the groove, the noises and the melody (very catchy and danceable)!!!!"


Stromkern - "No Release (Attack or Decay Remix)"

We engaged in remix wars with Stromkern, and the first shot was our version of their track "No Release". We took the original version and turned it into a thumping trance song, although we have heard it described as "tech-house". I'm not sure what that style sounds like, but you can decide for yourself.


Grenadier - "Frozen (Hypothermix Remix)"

Technically, this was supposed to be an AEC remix of a Grenadier track, as a remix exchange. However, Adam decided to capitalize on our reputation and called it a Battery Cage remix. Well, who wouldn't? In any case, this was done completely by Tyler, so it sounds little more "future-pop" than a Battery Cage remix would have...

Spooky Junky

Grenadier - "Spooky Junky (Crank Whore Remix)"

Our mix of "Spooky Junky Art Chick" was done back in 1998 by Tyler and AJ, under the influence of hard drugs. This was one of the first remixes we did for anyone, and definitely the first that used digital recording techniques. The result was a chaotic, noisy aggro fest.

Web Exclusive

SMP - "Finished (Battery Cage Remix)"

SMP's 'Finished' was remixed by Battery Cage in 2000. It was initially set to appear on the "Hacked" release (Invisible Records), but was pulled from the cd along with other tracks that had been written by departing member Sean Ivy. Sean has granted us permission to make it available here, as a web-only exclusive. Enjoy!