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Violent Entity - "Cryogen" AKA "Cold as Ice (Cryogenmix by Battery Cage)"

Mechanized Division

Released: 2004

This was a track that began life as dark electro, that we mutated into some pulsing trance/EBM. Unfortunately, there was some type of mix-up with the cover art, and our remix version is listed as "Cryogen". The actual name of the song is "Cold as Ice (Cryogenmix by Battery Cage)". This one is designed for European dancefloors...

Track Listing:

  1. Cold As Ice
  2. Dark Reality
  3. Mechanized Division
  4. Select the Victim
  5. Meet your Demise
  6. Embrace My Hate
  7. In This Darkness
  8. Falling Victim
  9. In The Beginning
  10. Cryogen
  11. Dark Reality (Supreme Court Remix)