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Prospero - "Let The Planet Burn (Collaboration with Battery Cage)"

Spreading The Infection

Released: 2004

This was an interesting collaborative project. Prospero approached me about adding some vocals to a song he had been working on. After checking it out, I thought it might be more interesting to add some basslines and melody parts to the song. The end result sounds like contemporary European noise/EBM and came out really great! This track was released on the latest Prospero record, as well as appearing on the Interbreeding IV compilation.

(Tracklisting is from Disc 2 of the Spreading the Infection double cd)

  1. insomnia
  2. infection [xorcist remix] (instrumental version)
  3. contagion & rebirth [flint glass remix]
  4. co:man:d
  5. let the planet burn [collaboration with battery cage]
  6. the world that i see [converter remix]
  7. fragments and splinters [s:cage remix]
  8. kill the body
  9. parasitic [vo1d remix]
  10. action of rhythms [collaboration with displacer]
  11. laughing vampires dance