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Injury - "New World Order (Shiva the Destroyer Remix)"

Inter Breeding IV

Released: 2004

One of two compilation appearances on this record, the Injury remix basically took the original EBM track and deconstructed it into pounding gothic metal. This remix was an experiment with some new software and plugin effects, and ended up turning out very nicely, with lots of distorted vocals and guitars! We named this one 'Shiva The Destroyer Mix' in honor of the conditions under which this one was created...

(Tracklisting is from Disc 2 of the Interbreeding IV compilation)

  1. The Cryptids - 731 Squadron
  2. Brainclaw - Softkill (Brainclaw Cathodicide Mix)
  3. Re Agent - In Your Eyes
  4. system syn - Tracing Veins (club mix)
  5. Prospero with Battery Cage - Let the Planet Burn
  6. Beta - Darkness (Agonoize remix)
  7. Retractor - Psycho vs. Killer
  8. Sin - Lanzata al Vacio
  9. Obszon Geschopf - Pussy Juice (BeforeEviscreration mix)
  10. Mona Mur - Hier im Nebel (egalite by Y-Luk-O)
  11. Mindless Faith - Canaan (Lukotyk Mutation)
  12. Injury - New World Order (Shiva the Destroyer remix by Battery Cage)
  13. Thirteenth Exile - Generation Hate
  14. Y-Luk-O - Gefahrenfrau (femme ideale by Patrick Codenys of Front 242)
  15. Type001 - TYPEcast
  16. The Mercy Cage - Reunion (album mix)