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Solitary Experiments - "Watching Over You (Battery Cage Remix)"

Cause & Effect

Released: 2003

The new double EP-CD "Cause & Effect" will appear on March 23, 2003. Here's the final tracklisting:


  1. Existence
  2. Fast forward
  3. Sense of belonging
  4. The dark inside me
  5. Pandora's box
  6. Fast forward (Total rewind)
  7. The dark inside me (Devil inside remix by PNE)
  8. Existence (Haujobb remix)


  1. Watching over you (Aslan Faction remix)
  2. Miracle (Flesh Field remix)
  3. The essence of mind ([:SITD:] remix)
  4. Watching over you (Battery Cage remix)
  5. Miracle (Headscan remix)
  6. The essence of mind (Re_Agent remix)
  7. Wasteland (Gods Die Later remix)
  8. Watching over you (Implant remix)
  9. Miracle (Omega Attraktor remix)