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World Wide Wasteland

World Wide Wasteland

Released: August 24, 2004

World Wide Wasteland is Battery Cage's second full-length cd. It was released in 2004 and is available for purchase through Metropolis Records.

Below are some samples from "World Wide Wasteland".

  1. Anti/Angel
  2. Wasteland
  3. Ecstasy
  4. Mirror Image Enemy
  5. Statemachine
  6. Caged
  7. Hater
  8. Frozen
  9. Dead Morning
  10. Ecstasy (Headscan RMX)
  11. Statemachine (Stromkern RMX)


All songs written, produced and recorded by Battery Cage.
Battery Cage is Tyler Newman, Joshua Greco, Paul Savio, Roland Adams.

DDD Recording & Digital Aggression, OFFWorld 2.0, and Subterranean Studios, Boston MA. 2000-2003
Digital Mastering by Da5id Din & Corrosive Audio, SF.
Additional vocal production by Adam Jensen
Additional conceptual input and assistance by Michael White
Additional production assistance by Da5id Din

All songs copyright Battery Cage 2004 [BMI], published by Future Pop Music

Ecstasy RMX - Recorded and produced by Headscan & The Headroom, Montreal. www.headscan.ca

Statemachine RMX - Recorded and produced by Stromkern & Ned's Tacklebox O'Fun, Madison. www.stromkern.com

Special thanks to: Ruth Lopriore, Da5id Din, Bethany Carland, Alex Dzindolet, Jenx, Nancy Perkins, Marcy Meow, Crazz, Tamara Gildengers, Dave Heckman and all at Metropolis, Michelle D'Albero, Colby & Sandy, J.E.T., Ned & Kelly & Rob & Matt (Stromkern), Claude & Christian (Headscan), Hellraver, Jayson Malign & Kristen & Barb (Ithaca Crew), Keith (Tampa), Brian Santillo, Jeff (Tinman), Jeremy & AJ, Stacia (Infrastructure), Jeannie, Adam (Grenadier), Deftly and Chris (ZTI), Jason (SMP), Brian L. (WZBC), Alicia, Macro & Jen, Daniel & Dejan (Haujobb), Evan (Axoe), Stacey & Greg, Justin (Pneumatic Detach), Rick Reaction, Aaron White, Michael White, Catwerk, Jim Nimblett, Paul Sarkis, Rob Sonner, Jason Macierowski, Jason Graham, Addam, Bobby and all & Angeldustrial, the industrial communities of Boston, Tampa, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Mitch, Nate Dog, Fernando, all of the Media 100 crew (Dave, Darby, Rob A, Rob N, Tim D, Anthony, Eric, Rodney, Mike E, Matt C.), Danny Bled, Tom Gold, Sylvain Lepine, DJ Kaotic, Greg & Clint (Cut.Rate.Box), Colin Gibbons, Perry Geyer and all & Cybersound, Kevin (Dystopian),Tommy T (DSBP), LSD, All Fat Kids with Magical Powers!, Billy!!