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Orkus Magazine

A lot of the projects in the electro genre are one-man projects. Why is Battery Cage a real band? Where do you see the advantages of being a band and not a solo-project?

Sonic Seducer Magazine

In 1998 there was another Battery Cage album finished but never been released officially when I'm informed well. Please tell me what went wrong at that time!

Russian Interview

Interview with Tyler and Roland.

Virus! Magazine

Virus! Magazine interviews Tyler.

Zillo Magazine

Zillo Magazine interviews Tyler.


NeuroZine interviews Tyler.

Comatose Rose Magazine

Tyler: Ten years ago, when we were optimistic youngsters, we wanted to make a strong political statement, particularly concerning animal rights, and the name just seemed to work. We were able to incorporate the "cage" theme in to our live show and graphics from that period of time as well. As time went by, and members came and went from the project, the name accumulated a history of it's own, and after several live shows and compilation releases, changing it just wouldn't work. Besides, my personal politics haven't changed in regards to animal rights, so I continue to stand behind it.

Grave Concerns

Tyler: It's a beautiful, sunny day here in San Francisco, so how can I complain? Things are great, and only getting better. One new Informatik album just released, a new Battery Cage is weeks away, and a new AEC getting mastered as we speak. Things are definitely looking up, I'd say.

WZBC Industrial Factory (2003)

This is a live on-air interview with Brian Lumauig, host of The Industrial Factory on WZBC. Topics include the newly completed "World Wide Wasteland" CD, as well as the new band lineup, live shows, and video production.

c9 (2002)

Interview with Tyler Newman for c9 Webzine discussing the new Battery Cage sound and the Informatik cd "Nymphomatik".

Subversive Candy (2000)

This interview was done for Subversive Candy, a small run printzine, back in November of 2000. The interview covers the initial stages of production of new material, as well as side projects including AEC and Sleep Chamber.

Elektric Transfusion (1998)

Interview for Elektric Transfusion conducted by Greg Frisenda with Tyler Newman. This interview covers the Battery Cage live experience and the demise of SINless Records.

BSM (1998)

This informal interview from 1998 with Tyler Newman for the Boston Society of Mechanics covers band history and wacky live show experiences.