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May 5, 2002

Of all the different projects you that you work on, which takes up the most of your time? Which is your favorite?

hmm, that's a tough question. i guess it depends on what i'm working on at the moment. when i was working on the Informatik album, that was the highest priority, consequently i spent almost all my time on it. now i'm really focusing on the new Battery Cage album, so i'm spending several nights a week on that. i have a tendency to get stuck on things i'm working on, hence the reason for so many side-projects...that way, i can switch directions fairly quickly and keep the creativity flowing in _some_ direction. as for which project is my favorite, i will definitely stick with Battery Cage, since it's been my baby for almost ten years now. it seems hard for me to believe that sometimes, there's been many a dark day when i've thought about packing it all in, but in the end it's always been there for me. other projects come and go, but i've always got Battery Cage.

What can you say about your work producing the latest Informatik album?

it's some of my best work to date. there were a lot of technical hurdles to defeat, not the least of which was working with Da5id, who lives across the country in San Francisco. but we've known each other for years, and it's not the first time we've worked together, so it was already a comfortable working relationship. using FTP technology to "collaborate" was an interesting experience, maybe not as much fun as working in the same room, but it certainly got the job done. besides, we have a very different idea of workflow, so maybe it's best that we didn't spend too much time in the studio together...he probably would have killed me...or the other way around, hehehe. seriously though, i think we made a killer album of electronic dance music that will hold it's own against our contemporaries. working with Metropolis Records has been really wonderful, they're really 110% behind us, and that means a great deal to me!! i'm looking forward to the success of the album, i've got total confidence in its ability to make people move!!

What do you think about scene's?

funny you should ask. when we first started out, the american scene was really thriving...back in 93-95. then, right as we started really getting listenable [HA!], in 96-98, the scene sort of died, particularly here in boston. in 2000, we got involved with some pseudo dot-com 'local scene people', and thought we were all working together to make a difference here. unfortunately, last year things went sour, and everything they had promised us hadn't been delivered, we ended up getting stabbed in the back, and our projects were getting publicly trashed...it's been a very difficult and painful process of extracting ourselves from any association with the 'boston scene', if you will. we've lost a lot of people we considered "friends", and maybe that's for the best, since looking back it turns out that they did lots of stuff that "friends" aren't really supposed to do to each other... on the bright side, however, it's forced us to focus on what really matters: getting the job done. the consequence, on the one hand, is that i don't have much of a social life these days, but on the other hand, i'm getting ten times the amount of music work done. and that is way more important to me now, than being 'popular' and partying and getting wasted all the time. which seems to be just about all the "scene" has to offer, at least around here. but, hopefully that's just a boston thing. i know there are plenty of other cities around the country with thriving scenes: los angeles, san francisco, tampa, seattle...all these places seem to be really happening. i can tell you that i am certainly looking to relocate to a new city, although i haven't made up my mind just yet. boston is a dead shell, with no signs of life on the horizon, so it's time to move on to bigger and better...

What is the outlook like for getting an album out for any of you projects?

pretty solid. like i said, we're finishing up the new Battery Cage album, which is taking a LONG time [mostly due to my Informatik commitments], but there's some interested parties...for example, we just did a remix for Stromkern that i believe is going to be issued as a single in Europe. so, there's definitely some interest. the most recent Scorpion Bowl album has just returned from mastering, so we're going to be shopping that over the summer. Informatik has another album on the schedule for a fall/winter release. plus i'll be doing some touring, for Informatik obviously, but also some Battery Cage tour dates as well. right now, the AEC project is sort of in limbo, since some musical collaborators have been lost in the aforementioned "thinning the herd"...but i do have some hopes of finishing that album sooner or later. K-Ninja's are still in the writing stage, although i've got most of an album prepared. Ned from Stromkern, and Adam from Grenadier have expressed interest in doing some guest vocals, and it would certainly be my pleasure to work with them. so, the future looks bright indeed, and will be so much better once i'm out of boston, i'm sure.

Would you say your view of the world is positive or negative?

haha...well, i guess it varies. i usually describe myself as a 'bristling ball of hate', but let's face it, no one can be that hardcore all the time. overall, i take a highly cynical view of the 'world situation', if you will...politics, the environment, religion, whatever...it just seems like the planet is totally fucked, with no signs of any positive change...it's very easy to lost sight of any positivity. but we're all to blame, and i can't say that i'm any better than anyone else at making anything positive happen. i try to live my life in a way that has the least amount of negative impact on other people and my environment, all the time. i don't eat meat, i recycle, etc, etc. i'm a long way from being Consolidated, but at least i'm trying.

What is the new Battery Cage material coming sounding like?

wellllll....for those who don't know, the older material tended towards a musially challenging aggressive feel...sort of if Lassigue Bendthaus produced a Skinny Puppy album...we used a lot of math on that album, and it shows. then we didn't really work on any new Battery Cage material for a long time, and i spent a while on other projects, using different sounds, so that sort of opened my horizon a little bit. both of the other members dropped out, or were kicked out, of the band and i wrote most of the new album by myself. consequently, the material that makes up "World Wide Wasteland" is _very_ dancefloor oriented, with more focus on melody and song structure than the "Product" album. not quite full-blown future-pop, but definitely headed in that direction, although there are a few slow heavy, almost metal jams on there. i'm working with two new members in the studio now, josh greco and michael white, so the overall sound has gotten changed a bit again. it's weird, hard to describe...we've worked on some preliminary "new" music, sort of a 'getting to know you' situation in the studio...while we're still producing all the music i wrote for "World Wide Wasteland". and it's flowing very nicely, it's extremely comforting to have some other people in the studio again who are dedicated to the music and are interested in the projects success. but, in answer to your question, the newest material made by the three of us is very...different from anything we've done before. much more organic, with LOTS of guitar, live drums...weird instrumentation...lots of effects and sound design. we're going to explore some new avenues this time around. i can't really describe it too much more than that, since some aspects of it are still taking shape. let's just say, it will be aggressive as hell, dancey, and very heavy. we've updated our studio equipment considerably and are working hard to change our whole "process" to keep the music from getting stagnant...i certainly wouldn't want to crank out another "Product" or "World Wide Wasteland"...one of each is enough, i think.