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Subversive Candy

November 2000

SKC: How's progress on getting "Product" released?

Tyler: We've gotten some interest from labels we hadn't approached before, which is nice. We took a really, really long time off of the whole music process, both in terms of making new stuff and trying to release the old stuff. The others sort of lost interest in the whole project, so it was kind of up to me and...well, it's been a hectic year. But I'm back on it. I've gotten some very invaluable assistance in terms of management stuff, and that's been very encouraging. So, we're just starting to get back into the swing of things.

SKC: What kind of stuff is Battery Cage working on now?

Tyler: Hmm. It's still a little early to say. We're definitely getting more accessible at this point. AJ and Jeremy are no longer working with the project, so that's caused a very noticeable difference in our "sound". Josh has different musical experience that he's bringing to the table, and of course, I'm allowed to get a little more into the dance thing I always wanted to do, so that's making a big change. The new material will have guitars, and maybe some live drumming. It'll still be mostly electronic of course, and with AJ out of the picture, the vocals are going to be a little more understandable. I don't really see any need to continue making our music intentionally difficult to listen to, like we used to.

SKC: What's your role in the band?

Tyler: At this point I'm pretty much doing everything. Josh and I are going to be splitting everything up, but he's a lot busier than I am, so he doesn't have as much time to work on things as I do. We're going to be trying some new approaches. We'll both be covering vocal duties, I'll be doing a majority of the songwriting and keys. He'll be handling the guitars and engineering, but he'll also be doing some of the writing too, of course.

SKC: What is your side project AEC like?

Tyler: AEC is a lot more...personal, I guess. It's more of a synthpop/electro accessible thing, and it's definitely something that people will be seeing a lot of within the next year. I'm wrapping production on the first full-length [Hate Life] which will be accompanied by a remix album. I'm farming those out right now actually. It's got almost nothing to do with Battery Cage, musically or visually. The stage show alone is a really intense experience, we've got lots of bondage/S+M themes in the music and we bring that whole aspect out onstage. There's a lot of metaphoric stuff happening out there. The AEC stuff is basically all the shit I've gone through in the past two years rolled into one ugly package.

SKC: Is it in any way related to your drumming for Sleep Chamber?

Tyler: Well, yes and no. I definitely learned a lot from John Zewizz, and I've appropriated some of the imagery that we used in Sleep Chamber for this project. Musically, there's not a lot of similarity, unless you count some of the material I wrote for Sleep Chamber, which almost no one has heard [it has yet to be released]. Plus, there are songs on the AEC album, which are directly based on...experiences I had while I was a member of Sleep Chamber...so I guess there's a bit of inspiration there.

SKC: Do you guys play a lot of live shows?

Tyler: We've always been about doing live shows. Up until pretty recently we were cranking them out fairly often, which here in Boston is quite an accomplishment. At our last show, it just went so badly, that I made the decision to stop doing shows for a while. That was AJ's last show with us, and that was part of the problem. Basically we're going to wait until we have some new material ready before we do any more shows. Once we've got the live thing worked out a little more, we'll step back out and do some more. I've never been very happy with our live shows. They were always received pretty well, but I never felt like we were doing the best we could with the visual element. Jeremy and AJ never really wanted to develop that end of things, but I plan to make that more of the focus in the future.

SKC: What's your favorite band to do a show with?

Tyler: Oh, there are so many bands that we've done shows with, it's always hard to pick favorites. Some bands I've had a good time with are Gasr, who are great friends of ours, Covenant, SMP are always a good gig...lots of bands we've played with. I don't think we've ever played with a band that were real assholes or anything.

SKC: What would you love to happen to America in the next few years?

Tyler: Haha, that's funny...you know, I've theorized about things like that a lot, but when it comes right down to it, it's hard to say anything specific. Ultimately, I'd love to see things lighten up, people relax and lay off each other...politically, I mean. You know, there's just too many old anal retentive fuckers, I'd like to see them all booted, but to be honest, I've got a really pessimistic view of politics. I don't vote because I'm not convinced that it makes any effect whatsoever on whatever happens in this country...on a fundamental enough level to make any _serious_ change take place. Of course, I'd just like to see what will happen on January 1st after all this Y2K nonsense is over. I'm hoping that nothing too drastic will occur. Otherwise [since I work in computers, both for my job and my music], I'm pretty much fucked...