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Smother.net Reviews "Product"

Songs like "Caged", "Sworn", and "Disengage" will light up the dance charts while providing a disturbed look towards the future of electronic music.

Virus! Magazine Reviews "Product"

With their current electro-meets-guitar monster "World Wide Wasteland" (Metropolis) Battery Cage gained loads of attention and positive feedback. Now the US crew once more attacks our ears with infectious ear food - "Product", originally intended for release in 1998.

NeuroZine Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

When a band mixes EBM with guitars, it usually sounds like some of the stuff made by Front Line Assembly or like rock with some synth mixed in as Zeromancer. Battery Cage do the mix perfectly, EBM with a rock attitude.

Virus! Magazine Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

"Anti Angel" is the best way of starting such a record as it bubbles over with emotional outbursts plus gives you a great hook that you won't forget in the near future.

Movement Magazine Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

It's about time another great band released an album of hard industrial and heavy guitars, and Battery Cage delivers the goods and then some. Their debut release on Metropolis Records is a massive barrage of kick-ass dance floor industrial, infused with a pummeling guitar attack, and a low end vocal style.

Squid Reviews Prospero's "Spreading the Infection"

This review mentions the fact that "collaborative tracks with the likes of Pneumatic Detach, Displacer, re_agent and Battery Cage is an incredible idea (so simple and yet so often ignored)."

Authorsden.com Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

A highly energized blend of EBM that is laced with copious amounts of industrial guitar and effected vocals that are reminiscent of both Nivek Ogre and Marilyn Manson, Battery Cage’s style is just different enough to pique your attention and familiar enough to keep you comfortable.

Sideline Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

With the success of his efforts within recent Informatik material, Tyler Newman has finally been able to re-launch his original project out to the masses. Anthems are plentiful from beginning to end, and almost all the tracks are worthy of stomping around a strobe-strafed club floor.

SlugMag.com Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

In the midst of twisted and evolved Industrial genres, have you ever wondered what happened to Industrial? Battery Cage has some answers with their first release on Metropolis, World Wide Wasteland.

FAC193 Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

The quartet of synth-rockers known as Battery Cage unleash high-octane riffs and punishing beats in their Metropolis debut World Wide Wasteland.

Wrapped in Wire Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

What I like about Battery Cage is that they do one thing here, and do it well. A lot of artists in the industrial/EBM music scene sometimes try and offer too much variety on their albums preventing them from being consistent from start to finish. But that's not the case with Battery Cage.

IkEcht Gothic Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

Combining harsh guitar riffs with fast beats is what Battery Cage does. And they are good at it. It has been six years since their last album "Product", but the new album proves it has been worth the wait.

Haven Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

After six years without a full length release, the four-piece Electro/Industrial band, Battery Cage, is back and better than ever. Storming out of Boston's growing and powerful underground scene comes the 65 minute epic "World Wide Wasteland" and it's burning up dance floors world wide with every track.

Synthpop.net Reviews "Ecstasy"

This limited single was released in 2003 to promote Batterycage's (at that time) still forthcoming second album "World Wide Wasteland", following up on the 1998 album "Product". The band has a very intense and heavy Electro-Industrial sound, with raw-sounding male vocals leading the intense and harsh (yet still not totally without a discernable melody) music.

Grave Concerns Reviews "Ecstasy"

Battery Cage's new single, "Ecstasy," is a fine example of American EBM. With three remixes in addition to the album track, it shows a nice diversity of style, going from hard trance-oriented beats to more old-school EBM aggression.

Chaindlk.com Reviews "Ecstasy"

Battery Cage is a four-piece electro-industrial band that actually plays and records as a real and full band, as opposed to a laptop artist or a keyboards duo...

Electr-on Reviews "Ecstasy"

If you read Polish, then here is a review of the Ecstasy Single.

Smother.net Reviews "Ecstasy"

Ecstasy is the first single from their upcoming "World Wide Wasteland". Featuring the type of pounding EBM that has reinvigorated Metropolis Records in recent years, Battery Cage could easily conquer European charts.

Daily Page Reviews Stromkern's "Re-Align" EP

Stromkern's Re-Align EP contains a remix of 'No Release' remixed by Battery Cage.

Middle East Show Review

Here is a review of the show we played at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA in October 2002 with Stromkern.

Electric Transfusion Reviews "Product"

RhythmUS review of Informatik's Nymphomatik, which was co-written with Tyler Newman of Battery Cage.

Industrial Bible Reviews "Product"

This review is from 1997. The original site no longer exists.