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Haven Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

After six years without a full length release, the four-piece Electro/Industrial band, Battery Cage, is back and better than ever. Storming out of Boston's growing and powerful underground scene comes the 65 minute epic "World Wide Wasteland" and it's burning up dance floors world wide with every track. Band members Tyler Newman, Joshua Greco, Paul Savio and Roland Adams have delivered an awesome and well polished second release that has completely set's itself apart from it's 1996 predecessor "Product". This LP has everything your looking for, from hard, pounding and infectious beats to stunning programming, creative and original synth lines, cold-wave guitars and Tyler Newman's commanding vocals set this CD well above the rest of the same old future-pop crap that seems to be saturating and ruining the Electro/EBM/Industrial scene as of late.

A fresh, bold sound, a bigger stage presence and new view of the scene has Battery Cage ready to headline any venue anywhere and pull off a show with the magnitude of some of the biggest names in the Electro/EBM scene. I recently saw Icon of Coil live in SF backed by much publicity and fanfare and while listening and watching I couldn't help but think that this type of media blitz should be applied to Battery Cage and with some urgency. In the past year I had the pleasure of DJ'ing side by side with Tyler Newman twice at RevolutioN and I cannot speak more highly of him as a person and as for the other members of Battery Cage they are just as amicable. I was hard pressed to find a single track I did not enjoy but here are my favorite's, "Anti/Angel", "Wasteland", "Mirror Image Enemy", "Hater" and "Deadmorning". There are two bonus remixes that are as equally impressive, "Ecstasy [Headscan Rmx]" and "StateMachine [Stromkern Rmx]" are both kick ass boot stomping tracks. If you don't have this CD yet, get it, disappointment is not an option. [Mystchief]

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