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Industrial Bible Reviews "Product"

February 16, 1997

As the title suggests, this compilation is comprised of electronic bands from the Boston area. A few of the groups represented here (Informatik, Din_Fiv, and Out Out) have been kicking around in the national industrial scene for a while now. Mark Allen Miller (Out Out) offers up "Duchess Deception", off his most recent release, "Nisus". This track, albeit a tad repetitive, still has something quite catchy about it. Institute of Technology's contribution "Miserable (Post-Mortem Mix)", contains a great hip-hop beat, gutteral / semi-whispered vocals, and an array of unusual sounds. "Nameless", off of Informatik's upcoming "Syntax" CD, is a slower piece, riddled with samples and a nice low end keyboard sound. Other groups, Sector 7G, Battery Cage, and Mercymore are less known, but their music is equally as strong. "Disengage" by Battery Cage, with it's borderline jungle beat and Nitzer Ebb style keyboard work, has quickly become my favorite track on this album. Another gem is "Nuclear Winter" by Data-Bank-A. This track is a great mixture of slow electro with gothic overtones. The only track I am unimpressed by is "Dreams Never Kum True" by Sleep Chamber. It's extremely simplistic and badly recorded (although this could be due to the fact that it's four years old). It doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the album. Overall though, this is an amazing compilation that makes me wonder if Boston will soon become what Chicago was in the 80's.