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Movement Magazine Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

Battery Cage
World Wide Wasteland

It's about time another great band released an album of hard industrial and heavy guitars, and Battery Cage delivers the goods and then some. Their debut release on Metropolis Records is a massive barrage of kick-ass dance floor industrial, infused with a pummeling guitar attack, and a low end vocal style. Imagine if you will, an updated version of Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine" as a comparison but heavier, and you have Battery Cage. The first track "Anti Angel" had me hooked from the start and it just kept getting better with each track. Frontman Tyler Newman (also of Informatik) provides the vocals, and his deep rich, almost mechanical style elevates the band's powerful sound to another level. Tyler is well known for his high energy stage antics, and with the incredible line-up of guitar, drums, and keyboards I can only imagine how amazing their live shows will sound. All I can say is if you put in this CD and you don't have your fist in the air, then your fuckin' dead.

- Craig Harvey

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