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Sideline Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

Battery Cage - World Wide Wasteland (cd Metropolis)

With the success of his efforts within recent Inform├Ątik material, Tyler Newman has finally been able to re-launch his original project out to the masses. Anthems are plentiful from beginning to end, and almost all the tracks are worthy of stomping around a strobe-strafed club floor. The roughest moment comes with the guitar heavy "Wasteland", where KMFDM inspired metal riffs burst forth to race alongside an insistent trance structure. "Anti Angel" also is sliced at its bridges with power chords, while drum machines and synthesizers impeccably flex through time changes in this epic of disappointment and deception. There is also the anti-Bush administration rap industrial of the explosive protest march of "Statemachine", whose semi-rapped lyrics and insistent sound show Stromkern's influence. While the rivethead guitar work is present in the above, there is still plenty of EBM to explore. "Caged", whose lyrics bears heavy animal rights imagery, has moody synth work set to a seductive bass thump, with a nice synthetic ascending chorus. Another nice electronic slice is "Mirror Image Enemy", whose keyboards wriggle through a serpentine tunnel of burbling sci-fi trance before leaping into a rollicking beat. Lastly, "Ecstasy" brings sonic imagery of a rave soundtrack with a heavy dose of adrenaline surging through its veins. While their demos were burdened with a heavy Front Line Assembly influence, Newman and company have shed this comparison. Instead, this new material has more in common with Stromkern as well as sharing sonic traits with Newman's work within Inform├Ątik. Despite their setbacks, Battery Cage have produced a strong debut that will certainly please the modern electro audience. (VM:8) Vlad M.

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