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Smother.net Reviews "Ecstasy"

Ecstasy is the first single from their upcoming "World Wide Wasteland". Featuring the type of pounding EBM that has reinvigorated Metropolis Records in recent years, Battery Cage could easily conquer European charts. While the drug ecstasy has become so engrained in modern culture of course aggravating counter-counter-culture rebellion, this single will not become another cliché. You’re not going to hear huge sweeping uplifting vocals or the type of complex melodies that much of the trance world has to offer. Instead what you have in your hands is pure adrenaline kicking techno throughout the four different mixes. The b-side "Mirror Image Enemy (12" Dubcock)" has pulsing rhythm and diverse sampling with a very caustic drum loop cascading overtop of intriguing synth structures for a more industrial sound.