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Smother.net Reviews "Product"

Battery Cage has already received some praise for their "Ecstasy" single earlier in the depths of our archives. So readers may already be familiar with their caustic brand of EBM that would have Metropolis Records followers turning their heads in unison. "Product", a cynical name given in the face of corporate music labels, was a long recording project (in analog no less) that eventually found its way to completion. And thank the gods for that. With the help of Da5id Din of Informatik (who offer their own re-rubbing of "Blunt Force Trauma") infamy, Battery Cage has assembled a masterpiece of dissonant electronic bliss that holds industrial near and dear while repacking the more EBM European movement. Songs like "Caged", "Sworn", and "Disengage" will light up the dance charts while providing a disturbed look towards the future of electronic music.