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Synthpop.net Reviews "Ecstasy"

Batterycage - Ecstacy MCD
(Four out of Five Stars)

This limited single was released in 2003 to promote Batterycage's (at that time) still forthcoming second album "World Wide Wasteland", following up on the 1998 album "Product". The band has a very intense and heavy Electro-Industrial sound, with raw-sounding male vocals leading the intense and harsh (yet still not totally without a discernable melody) music.

While the featured track does have a heavy Industrial leaning, it still has plenty enough club appeal to make it quite danceable. It's harsh enough to appeal to Industrial fans easily, but Futurepop and Synthpop fans will probably find elements here they can enjoy as well. Of the remixes of the track, I particularly liked the very club-oriented approach of the Overdose remix, and the Radio mix made for a nicely abbreviated version of the otherwise 6+ minute song. "Mirror Image Enemy", the sole b-side, is another very neat track bridging between EBM and Electro-Industrial. Basically, I found this to be a refreshingly different and, while very harsh and noisy at times, catchy and appealing MCD. I'm really looking forward to hearing the full album from Batterycage!

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