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Virus! Magazine Reviews "World Wide Wasteland"

World Wide Wasteland
Label: Metropolis

No fillers, just killers - that's what "World Wide Wasteland" is all about...

9 out of 10 stars

Battery Cage are newcomers to the scene - and they are not. Dom's talking shit again? Yes, but nevertheless, just let me explain. This fine four piece formed eight years ago but have had much bad luck since then.

Their first CD, "Product", was supposed to be released on SINless in 1998 but then the label called it quits. Now, six years later, the band from San Francisco is back with a new line-up and their most brilliant material so far that will hopefully help them introducing themselves to a wide public. Joshua Greco, Paul Savio and Roland Adams know exactly how to combine harsh electro sounds with heavy guitars and Tyler Newman's angry, emotional and variable vocals.

When first listening to "World Wide Wasteland" you are not gonna expect that the group's vocalist is the same guy that also sings in Informatik as this is Tyler's other band. "Anti Angel" is the best way of starting such a record as it bubbles over with emotional outbursts plus gives you a great hook that you won't forget in the near future. So does "Wasteland" too, and "Ecstasy" is an excellent example that guitar driven electro songs can also fill dance floors.

"Mirror Image Enemy" is a soon to be classic while "Statemachine" and "Hater" shift down and therefore crawl with an even darker vibe through the speakers. "Caged" and "Frozen" are my personal highlights on this CD as they have some sort of Gravity Kills feeling and can be highly recommended as medicine against frustration. People around you get on your nerves - listen to these tracks!

After "Dead Morning" Battery Cage's buddies Headscan ("Ecstasy") and Stromkern ("Statemachine") show their remix talents. While Headscan's remix is not quite spectacular, Stromkern did a very good job that DJ play lists all over the world will prove very soon. Great album with a powerful production, and I bet that Battery Cage will kick ass live as well. Catch them live an get "World Wide Wasteland"! And - of course - expect an interview with these guys right here in the near future!

Dom, 29 Dec 2004

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