Music Videos


This is not so much a music video as a backing video for our live shows in the past. The video was shot over two days and the beach scenes were shot on Halloween. We didn't really have any concept when we started production. The 'story' came together during the editing process -- Finally pushed over the edge. Reality and fantasy worlds collide. Which is real? Which will take over? Pursued by our own demons, what choices will we make in the end? — JG


This was one of our first attempts at making a video. We had storyboards and shotlists. A little ambitious. Perhaps overthought. Not enough resources to really pull it together. It's a story of having had enough and taking matters to the extreme. — JG

Live Videos

Mirror Image Enemy (Live @ The Middle East Boston)

There are a couple versions (edits) of this performance video. The concept of the backing video came about because we had no backing video for MIE. So, we decided to turn the camera on the audience and project them onto the screen to make them more a part of the show. They get to see their 'mirror image'. I think it worked well and we always got a positive reaction when we blasted everyone with the lights. It was unexpected. — JG

Tour Videos

Ithaca, New York (2002)

Canada Part 1 (Montreal)

Canada Part 2 (Toronto)